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“Him that Pisseth against the Wall”

men are under attack by the enemy because they stand for progeny

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

My friend Duane Smith has an abnormal interest in the language and culture of ancient Israel and in the languages and cultures of the nations of the Ancient Near East.  Duane also has an abnormal interest in the Hebrew phrase “him that pisseth against the wall.”

Duane has written an abnormally interesting article on this subject.  The article, “‘Pisser against a Wall’: An Echo of Divination in Biblical Hebrew,” was published in The Catholic Biblical Quarterly 72 (2010): 699-717.  In the article, Duane graciously mentioned my name for offering some comments to his blog post, “An Echo of Divination in Biblical Hebrew.”

I thank Duane for mentioning my name in his article.  Duane and I have exchanged a few emails on this topic. The purpose of this study is to offer a few comments on some of the interpretations scholars have offered to interpret this colorful Biblical phrase…

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New Book Realease: Let My Son Live!

Book for all Men to read and the women in their lives
Book for all men to read and the women in their lives

Should We Really Fight FGM?


I clicked on a link from Pruncie and it led me to these stories. By the time I finished reading, I was crying, but I was also thinking. I was thinking about a discussion I had a few weeks back while sitting with a client on a beautiful beach.

What. We were working.

Anyway, we were looking at the ocean and a boat appeared. The client started talking about how evocative that sail was. Just by looking at that faded white triangle, he thought about explorers, conquistadors, Christopher Columbus, pirates, lost islands. That’s a lot of ideas to spring from a dirty piece of cloth.

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On Nudity and Pulling a Jeniffer Lawrence



The naked body is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, few women see their bare bodies that way. Even models and beauty queens have qualms when they stand before a mirror. So no, it’s not that strange that Jennifer Lawrence and a hundred other celebrities are uncomfortable with their (perfect) nude bodies being paraded all over the place.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to write this piece, because there’s always a possibility that those pretty pictures I sent to that boy I liked could end up in a tabloid, on a porn site, or worse, in the inbox of my daughter’s class teacher. *shudder* I’ve already given her the ‘don’t send nudes to boys’ speech, but love makes people do stupid things. I did, and I know that when her time comes, she probably will too.

That said, it takes a huge amount of trust and confidence to share those pictures with…

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Men, Women, And Porn #NSFW

Very insightfull


Every Friday, I get a newsletter from Cracked with five articles they think I should read. Last week’s letter had an interesting piece on directing pornography which made me genuinely curious. See, I’ve read tons of articles about how women analyse everything and how men are remarkably simple, and today, I’m hoping a guy can explain something to me.

Kenya 250S 1966

Part of the cracked piece explains that the cameraman shooting the porno is married to the woman starring in the movie. On one occasion, the cameraman watches – and films – as his wife is expertly … serviced … by her ridiculously well-endowed co-star. The writer wonders how the cameraman can cope. Well, by grabbing his wife and aggressively servicing her right after the scene.

Okay, in case you didn’t click on the article for yourself, here’s a summary. Our writer – let’s call him Ted – was a documentary…

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We Must Accept the Blame for the Troubled Boy Child

I can’t agree more


I was once a boy child.

I grew up in a time when having a son was considered a blessing. And after a certain age, all my short-comings and indiscretions were dismissed as “boys will be boys”. This is not to say that I wasn’t raised right. As a son, parents were never really scared of you falling prey to bad company, drugs and alcohol, or getting your heart broken by girls or contracting a life-threatening disease or fathering a child out of wedlock. These concerns were largely directed to the girl child because she was always seen as the more vulnerable one, the one that needed to be given the best possible chance to succeed. For the boy-child, it was believed that all it took was constant reminders of “be a man!” and observing the older men around to figure out how to navigate through life.

It is indeed…

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Single Mothers

Boys need their fathers.Think

Source: Single Mothers

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We are a movement that aims at educating men and women to live in harmony and be complementary instead of being in competition.

The concern has already reached alarming proportions and we hope that we shall address the issues of fatherless homes, feminism and misandry with sobriety.

I welcome posts/contributions  from all and sundry , to add depth and dignity to the discussion.

Single Mothers

Boys need their fathers.Think twice before you file for that divorce
Boys need their fathers.Think twice before you file for that divorce

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